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Promote Healthy Seniors, We Care About Your Health And The Health of Your Caregiver


About Us

caregiver with the patients familyReaching Our Community Youth and Adult Daycare was created to promote the health of seniors, the disabled and the health of their caregivers.

We are a non-profit 501(c) 3 operation that specializes in providing compassionate daily care for the elderly as well as other segments of the population with special needs.

A Message From the CEO

Welcome to Reaching Our Community Youth and Adult Daycare website! I am happy that you are fascinated in learning more about us.

As I reflect on the past year, I am honored and humbled by the blessings received Nov 9, 2015. To finally open the doors to serve others at Reaching Our Community Youth and Adult Daycare. This project has been on the way since July 2013 it has been a busy and dynamic time! In October, Reaching Our Community Adult Daycare signed a lease to move from our administrative offices this move could not have taken place without God giving my wife and I the understanding and the importance of serving Disabled and Aging individuals with living with unique challenges in the community. My goal is to find a way to help more people and enhance lives.

It’s estimated that over 12% of seniors 65 and older — more than 5 million — need assistance with long-term care to perform activities of daily life. The number of individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia is, startling: 60-70% of seniors with dementia living in the community, 25% live alone, reports the Alzheimer’s Association. If we want our loved ones to remain safe and healthy, it’s important to make sure their environment is appropriate to their physical needs—particularly if they’re showing early signs of mental impairment.

If you notice that your loved one needs help with daily activities such as eating, bathing and dressing, they may have decreased cognitive functioning associated with early or middle stage dementia. Even in their own home, the combination of poor eyesight and minor safety hazards can put seniors at risk for falls, broken hips and even death. Please call us, we are here to help!
Our campaign goals are to update the agency technology to make it more user-friendly for our clients. We were previously operating on four donated servers and experienced regular system “downtime.”

A big part of the solution to serving the growing number and needs of the community can be found in volunteerism. We are committed to making volunteerism a fundamental part of our programming. My belief is that we live in a community that wants to participate in opportunities to give back.

I am blessed to be surrounded by staff that do their work with passion and commitment every day. I am certain that I will learn something new every day from the members, their families, volunteers, visitors and our professional team.

As we look to 2016, I am inspired and hopeful that based on the blessings of 2015, Reaching Our Community Youth and Adult Daycare will continue to make a difference in the lives of even more individuals. We must strive to reach more people. I look forward to sharing dreams and ideas with staff, community partners and volunteers on how we can collaborate as we work to empower the older adults and disable individuals to live independently with self-worth!

Darron Banks, CEO
Reaching Our Community Youth and Adult Daycare

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Clinton, Jackson, Flowood, Pearl, Canton, Ridgeland, Canton, Raymond, Bolton and Greater Hinds County Area

Reaching Our Community Youth and Adult Daycare